Improve your patients' results
Manage all your patients in a simple and intuitive platform
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Access the necessary information, in a
standardized way, in one place
Personalized medicine
Adapt your clinical practice to the needs of your patients in a simple way. Spend time with those who need it most.
Use our data and algorithms to save management time and improve the coordination of your team or service.
Communicate with the patient via the platform. Review information ahead of time to make joint decisions.
Better results for your patients and optimization of your team management at the same time?
Let SocialDiabetes help you by incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Make more accurate, data-driven decisions that help you achieve your goals.
Everything you need for your consultation
checkbox_socialdiabetes Set up alerts and get notifications whenever you want.
checkbox_socialdiabetes Change your patient's pattern remotely.
checkbox_socialdiabetes Configures the Bolus Advisor and activates automatic recommendations.
checkbox_socialdiabetes Communicate with your patients and track them online.
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By digitising diabetes we facilitate the work of healthcare professionals and improve the quality of life for people with diabetes.